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May 28, 2011

Fujlight ir-codes

Found this remotecontrolled led -bulb for cheap: http://www.verkkokauppa.com/fi/product/8159/cgfmm

The remote is  "MCL Remote Controller" and it seems to be used in various other products. These codes should then work with other products with the same remote.

Infrared NEC codes:

speed +: 0xFF08F7
speed -: 0xFFC03F
Pause: 0xFF807F
Off: 0xFF609F
skip 1: 0xFF906F
skip 2: 0xFFB847
Fade: 0xFFF807
Strobe: 0xFFB04F
Red1: 0xFF9867
R2: 0xFFE817
R3: 0xFF02FD
R4: 0xFF40BF
R5: 0xFF50AF
Green1: 0xFFD827
G2: 0xFF48B7
G3: 0xFF12ED
G4: 0xFFA05F
G5: 0xFF7887
Blue1: 0xFF8877
B2: 0xFF6897
B3: 0xFF20DF
B4: 0xFF2AD5
B5: 0xFF708F
White: 0xFFA857
100%: 0xFF32CD
75%: 0xFF00FF
50%: 0xFFB24D
25%: 0xFF58A7

See how to send these NEC-codes with Arduino!

The whole top part of the controller is glued sheet of plastic with buttons. You may see this remote with different layouts, so I included .odt/excel file where you can see the codes in button order. Download


  1. What NEC protocol is this?

    NECx1 or NECx2

  2. These codes appear to be consistant across all of these chinese LED controller remotes. But the meaning of the buttons are different. If others like me have lost their remote. Start sending the codes for RGB out the arduino as normal.. then assume the buttons above and below to be the correct codes to what ever they are on your original remote.

    RGB are the same as on my 44 Key remote... see below


    but the surrounding buttons are mapped differntly... but the codes work. Just need to figure out the lower half of the remote now.